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Hey, I’m Cyndi! Thanks for stopping by.

I’m an Artist, Educator, and Creative Entrepreneur currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a “Maker” and I’ve always loved creating something from nothing — whether it’s a painting, a song, a story, or a meal. 


For 15 years, I built a career in music — touring the U.S., recording 9 albums (independently and through 2 different labels), and licensing my music to TV and film. When I became a mom, I was ready for a change (and a career that didn’t depend on being out late to play shows). Drawing was one of the first loves of my youth. I studied Graphic Design while pursuing an Advertising degree in college, and did a lot of freelance design on the side during the “music years.” Coming back to making visual art felt like coming back home.


I’m inspired by sacred geometry, nature, and the wonders of the cosmos. I bake these elements into the commissioned pieces I create, as well as into my Shop (where I offer art prints, mugs, some digital downloads, and even an Intentionality Journal). I’m currently building an online class to accompany the Intentionality Journal, and I offer the occasional workshop and presentation on living intentionally, setting powerful goals, and “harmonizing” with time.

Cyndi Harvell
Moon Clouds

Curious about Collaborating?

If you have a project or idea you'd like to discuss with me, or if you are looking to commission a piece, send me a message and tell me about it!

Interesting Facts


My music has been licensed by Burt’s Bees, the Coca-Cola Company, MTV, HBO, CBS, the Oakland A’s, Tap Tap Revenge app, the Meaning of Maggie book, and more! You can also find a few of my albums on Spotify

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My family had a viral video that received over 40 million views! I filmed the video of my husband beatboxing to my then-18-mo-old son in our kitchen one evening after dinner, and literally overnight we had a licensing deal, an interview with ABC, and people all over the world sharing our little kitchen video.

In college (in Athens, Georgia), I wrote a song called “California Waiting,” then 2 years later, my husband and I headed west so he could go to the San Francisco Circus Center. We camped across the country, with only had what we could fit in our van. We didn’t have a place to live or jobs to bring in $ until a few weeks after we arrived.

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